She wants the (ph)D


Not with that technique: no gloves, safety glasses, fume hood; the volume in the erlenmeyer flask is not suitable for what the flask allows; and the fumes from the left vessel are dangerously close to her nasal orifice. The only D she is asking for is Disaster.

I’m honestly surprised she thought to pull her hair back.


Things I Learned in Lab Today:


(1) Our instrumentation lab has an explosion-proof refrigerator. I’m not sure whether to be amused or impressed.

(2) Apparently, if your class is a high enough level you can keep your lab as trashy as you like. *squints at the industrial hygiene and instrumentation people*

(3) Pressing your forehead to the front of the Mel-Temp and willing the sample to hurry up and melt already does not actually do anything.

(4) If your professor steals a balance from another lab because one of your lab’s balances disappeared over the break, this is perfectly acceptable.

(5) Don’t even bother trying to explain the triplet atomic state in a few minutes. It’s impossible.

(6) That one guy will always open a window even when you don’t need the fume hoods and it’s below the freezing point of water outside.

(7) You must be bilingual to use the NMR because it has warning signs in English and German on the door to its room. This is not a problem for me.

(8) Apparently, bats live in our science building and one of the biology professors is feeding them.