I cannot separate my faith from secular society. I cannot believe there are two whole worlds separate from each other. There is one whole truth, and there are those who reject it, and those who live it. How can I be asked over and over to separate the Truth from secular society? Why must I be forced to accept a society without the Truth? Why must I be forced to accept a lie?

This is what you ask of me, when you tell me to keep my religion out of it. You are asking me to reject what I know is true, what I live and breathe with my whole self. In this action you reject me as a human being of free thought.

The Truth will be spoken with my words and my actions.

I will not be silent.

Gained and lost a follower over the weekend, and it makes me think. Do people not look at the blog before they click ‘Follow’, or do they just see something they like on the page and hit it without thinking?

Me, I’m very picky about the blogs I follow. If I see one that looks interesting, I’ll go through about 30 pages of it (no joke) to check for any creepy ships, untagged NSFW, or general do-not-want. And even if it passes that scrutiny I may or may not follow. (Generally, I don’t. I’ll binge-post what I liked of their stuff and then forget they exist.)

I don’t know. I just wonder sometimes why people follow me just to unfollow me. I wonder what turned them away. (Sometimes I giggle with evil glee about it: “Was it this Catholic post? Or that one?”) 

Of course, they could have just wanted to trim down the amount of stuff on their dash, since goodness knows I spam everyone’s dashes.

I don’t know. I just wonder about other people. 



This is the pamphlet I was given this morning. It’s just an advertisement for the Jehovah’s Witnesses website, but there’s some interesting presumptions in there:

1) On the cover, note how “The Bible” is pitted against “science” and “philosophy.” Because clearly those three things are at odds.

I’m not sure how they think that dramatizing that supposed conflict is going to win them converts. Most people who adhere to “science” or “philosophy” over and against the Bible are not going to be interested in even looking at the Bible, let alone considering what “answers” it may hold; they’d rather laugh at it from a safe distance. 

2) The pamphlet’s approach, which the missionary also led with when I answered the door, is a generic “we’re all dealing with life’s great questions, so much bad happening in the world today, and we need answers!” Maybe it’s just me, but that rings so hollow, perhaps because it’s so generic.

Maybe the generic approach is their “gentle” method. It seems like they’d really get somewhere if they led with something personal and dramatic, such as, “Have you considered that you’re going to die someday and you don’t know when that is?” The “where” they might get, of course, is a door slammed in their faces, but that could happen anyway. I noticed she didn’t actually mention the name “Jehovah’s Witness” at any time, and it’s not prominent on the pamphlet either. They’re trying to be low key. Which seems a bit out of sync with the whole door-to-door approach.

3) The pictures on the inside are a strange assortment. There’s a clear attempt at multiculturalism (at least in my experience, the Witnesses have always been a very white group) and lots of smiling faces, presumably to make you feel warm and friendly about this advertisement, but I’m not really clear on the purpose of most of the images.

At any rate, here are some resources for Catholics: 

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